10 May 2024

Patch release to address rust build failure issue.

  • examples: python: Fix pyserial read timeout

  • Continue normally on successful command callback on status commands

  • phy: Enhance package scan logging by printing mark-byte

  • ci: Exclude cpp sample from all and build explicitly in build-ci

  • ci: Fix broken release action


23 March 2024

More vcpkg integration issue fixes. This relaese is also about more platform suppport.

  • ci: Enhance to run on different platforms; start doc builds

  • cmake: Add options to disable shared/static builds

  • examples: cpp: Use std::this_thread::sleep_for instead of usleep

  • doc: Fix doxygen build by copying and patching osdp.h

  • api: Fix some more doxygen formatting issues

  • doc: Remove deprecated doxygen config entries

  • cmake: cpack: Fix package definitions

  • crypto: openssl: Remove call to ERR_print_errors_fp()

  • crypo: Add missing headers for openssl.c

  • api: Add OSDP_EXPORT to exported methods in osdp.h

  • python: example: Update with socat link option

  • ci: Fix cross-platform build and change cpack artifact path

  • cmake: Fix MSVC OSDP_EXPORT macro issue

  • cmake: Fix MSVC compiler flag issue

  • CI: Add an on-demand cross platform build check runner

  • cmake: Fix broken CI build due utils build


19 March 2024

A release to patch cmkae issues found during vcpkg integration. This version will be pegged to the first vcpkg release.

  • cmake: Fix issues found when integrating with vcpkg

  • Fix input_check() macros for windows builds

  • api: Fixup comamnd queue flush function name


13 March 2024

Minor release with a few fixes required for rust development to progress

  • make: Add support for make install

  • api: cp: Add method to flush command queue

  • python: osdp_sys: Add some error context for public API

  • doc: Add libosdp/compatibility to top level index.rst

  • doc: Fixup doc in multiple places

  • api: More doxygen fixups

  • cmake: Fix packet trace and data trace linkage

  • api: Fix regression caused by doxygen formatting commit

  • api: Fix doxygen comments style all over osdp.h

  • Fix minor typos in the Wireshark payload dissector

  • doc: More README updates

  • doc: Update README; fix compatibility table

  • libosdp: Fix issue with SC retry timer

  • utils: Pull in fix for time usage on Windows


09 March 2024

Yet another minor release to address some of the issues that were identified in 3.0.0 release. With this release, LibOSDP supports Windows as a first-class citizen.

  • pytest: Add an option to skip running the tests

  • doc: Add LibOSDP compatibility table

  • publish-pypi: Enable windows build/publish

  • doc: Update

  • python: example: Add some CLI args and add a

  • pytest: Add some stage info for

  • libosdp: phy: some minor houekeeping

  • python: Deprecate master key based key derivation

  • python: Remove concrete “channel” implementations

  • libosdp: file: Make impossible conditions as BUG_ON()

  • libosdp: file: Do not disrupt SC when file TX fails

  • pcap: Replace ‘:’ with ‘_’ in pcap file name timestamp

  • utils: bump submodule to fix __weak warning

  • Fix bug in SC setup due to missing call to cp_keyset_complete

  • python: Fix buggy call to PyArg_Parse due to type of len

  • python: fix some minor issues for MSVC to build libosdp

  • pcap: Fix file name character replacement bug

  • dissector: Remove extra space in command ID text

  • libosdp: Fix broken SC due to missing sc_init call


20 February 2024

A quick follow up release adding a few key features that got left out in 3.0.0. Most notably, packet trace and data trace infrastructure has been reworked and a custom Wireshark protocol dissector for OSDP was added. Additionally, Some efforts has been made to support Windows as a build platform.

  • libosdp: Add Packet scan skipped bytes instrumentation

  • pcap: Move declarations to a separate header

  • doc: Update info about dissector loading on windows

  • libosdp: Add support for windows builds

  • dissector: Append command/reply name to tree view for better analysis

  • libosdp: Migrate rust code to a dedicated repo

  • misc: dissector: Add support for data tracer

  • libosdp: data_trace: Fix bug in packet length passed to tracer

  • libosdp: pcap: Log the number of packets captured

  • libosdp: pcap: Bump utils submodule to fix issues

  • libosdp: Extend tracing infrastructure to DATA_TRACE

  • libosdp: Add timestamp to trace files for uniqueness

  • libosdp: Add a custom protocol disector for WireShark

  • libosdp: Switch to pcap based packet tracing

  • libosdp: Fix packet scan skipped bytes instrumentation

  • Repaired references to osdp_millis_now()

  • doc: Update debugging.rst and with new tracing changes

  • examples: python: Fixup some more minor issues

  • libosdp: Rename samples/ as examples/ as it sounds better

  • examples: python: Fix CP and PD examples for the higher level osdp module

  • CI: Allow publish-pypi.yml to be activated on manual triggers

  • CI: Update python publishing to multilinux


14 February 2024

This Major release bring rust support, CP state machine cleanups, API cleanups, and many other enhancemtns and fixes.

  • Add rust support (single entry for 80+ patches)

  • Rewrite osdpctl in rust (single entry for many patches)

  • chore: Update copyright year to 2024

  • python: vendor LibOSDP sources when packaging

  • python: Remove code referring to CMakeLists.txt version

  • API, python: Add LED color constants from v2.2 of the spec

  • doc: Update top-level

  • libosdp: cp: Move keyset completion handler to get_next_ok_state()

  • tests: pytest: Add install_mode SCBK set test

  • libosdp: Unify StatusReport query and event structs

  • libosdp: cp: Move functionality away from command builders

  • pytests: Remove timeout from CP status test

  • python: Adapt to changes to status event/command handling

  • libosdp: Rework status command and event handling

  • libosdp: cp: Reword event callback mechanism to use requests

  • libosdp: Permit REPLY_COM response for CMD_COMSET

  • rust: Add method to make a pair of unix channels

  • libosdp: Split events data maxlen macro as we have for commands

  • libosdp: Reduce command/event pool size

  • python: Add a get_file_tx_status() for PD

  • test: unit-test: Add command and event callback logging for file tx command

  • pyosdp: Move set_log_level() to be module method

  • tests: unit-tests: Add initial skeleton for command test

  • libosdp: cp: Rework CP state machine

  • libosdp: cp: Remove some more master key related code

  • libosdp: cp: Move call to cp_cmd_free into cp_translate_cmd

  • libosdp: cp: Add BUG() macro and call for file TX cmd translate

  • libosdp: cp: Decouple internal and external command queue

  • cmake: utils,samples: Bump minimum required version

  • libosdp: CP: Lower comeset reply log level to info

  • libosdp: API: Do not indiate SC active when using SCBK-D

  • libosdp: phy: Also ignore commands with PD address.MSB set

  • libosdp: phy: Ignore reply with PD address.MSB cleared

  • Increasing the max data contained in an OSDP enevt to 128bytes

  • utils: Bump submodule to latest commit

  • doc: Add some notes about make build

  • libosdp: API: Remove osdp_set_command_complete_callback

  • libosdp: Set PD address to 0x7F for broadcast packets

  • libosdp: API: common: Increase PD offline status timeout to 600ms

  • scripts: Unify release generation scripts into one place

  • rust: Add workaround for copy to OUT_DIR

  • rust: cp: Add support for the new status command

  • libosdp: cp: Add different query options for OSDP_CMD_STATUS

  • libosdp: cp: Refactor API command handling (translating) logic

  • python: Update and samples after testing

  • python: osdp: pd: Add support sc_wait() method

  • python: osdp: Add support for non-blocking get_{command,event}

  • cmake: Remove python/ subdirectory from chain

  • python: Merge test/pytest/testlib as main python package

  • libosdp: const-annotate some more public API

  • libosdp: Const-ize parameters of exposed methods

  • libosdp: Remove deprecated methods tree-wide

  • libosdp: Add support for Magenta and Cyan LED colors

  • libosdp: Demote osdp_logger_init to a macro alias

  • utils: Bump submodule to fix build failure due to VLA

  • Fix regression in Rust binding. Commit 51b626c94bc39242f9793c916471bdadafe24679 increased buffer size to 128 bytes. Adjust binding accordingly.

  • make: Fix for linux

  • libosdp: Fix warnings that break rust build

  • utils: Bump submodule to fix log line termination issue

  • libosdp: phy: Fix PACKET_TRACE command byte offset

  • libosdp: phy: Fix packet trace mark byte logging

  • doc: security: Update doc to have latest info; fix a typo

  • libosdp: cp: Fix broken keyset for an install_mode PD

  • CP: API: Fix callback signature in cpp header

  • python: osdp_sys: fix memory leak in pyosdp_add_pd_cap

  • pytest: Fix to be invokable from other dirs

  • python: Fix pd_info builder after const qualification of info->cap

  • src/osdp_common.c: waring: _GNU_SOURCE redefined

  • utils: version bump - pickup fixes for gcc warnings/errors

  • unit-test: Fix broken build due to old API drop changes

  • Fix potential null pointer deref at LOG_* call site

  • cp: disallow unexpected SC responses


28 October 2023

This release marks the end of 2.x version of libosdp. Bring some minor updates and fixes.

  • libosdp: Add new API to set a log callback function

  • unit-test: Add line noise simulation methods

  • pytest: Add new test for CP/PD status reports

  • pyosdp: pd: Expose a new API to check online status

  • libosdp: Update to new logger API

  • Expose new configure time macro REPO_ROOT

  • configure: Add new option –debug to enable debug symbols

  • make: Don’t remove and rebuild unit-test target each time

  • cmake: Add hook to checkout submodules

  • pd: Use teardown in peripheral destructor only if context exists

  • cp: Use teardown in control panel destructor only if context exists

  • libosdp: Fix stable API change violation

  • unit-tests: Fix warning due to change of fclose sinature

  • libosdp: cmake: Fix static builds with local openssl

  • c++: add header guards

  • pytest: testlib: Fix bug in retry count

  • pytest: Make CP and PD restart-able

  • API: common: Fix osdp_get_status_mask for PD mode

  • Fix null pointer deref issue osdp_reply_name

  • doc: Update domain name to as has expired

  • Update copyright year to 2023

  • Remove obsolete travis CI config file and it’s refs

  • check osdp close file status (according prototype function comments)

  • save PD Local Status


27 June 2023

A standard mid-year release with accumulated fixes and enhancements. Interestingly, this release has a high number of community contributions :)

  • Add support for additional baud rate 57600

  • Add deprecation notice for command_complete_callback API

  • pyosdp: refactor make_(struct|dict) methods into translators

  • pyosdp: Move similar methods closer for maintainability

  • pyosdp: Refactor event handling method names

  • pyosdp: refactor command handling method names

  • pytest: Add tests for IO and status events

  • pyosdp: export IO and status events to use in pytests

  • libosdp: Add support for tamper and power status events

  • phy: Allow sequence repeat packets

  • libosdp: Limit max packet size to reported peer RX size

  • pd: Add support for handling multiple records in output command

  • pytest: More multidrop test related changes

  • zephyr: Refactor command_callback into a method

  • PD: Reset phy state when ignoring a packet

  • libosdp: file: Promote to be a fist-class citizen

  • libosdp: Allow file transfers to be aborted

  • pd: Handle OSDP_EVENT_MFGREP case in pd_translate_event

  • pyosdp, pytests: Add test case for mfgrep event

  • pyosdp: Hoist cmd->id set in pyosdp_make_struct_cmd

  • fix LED & Buzzer repeated command

  • mbedtls: fix incorrect mode in ecb encryption

  • fix: converts uint64 to uint32 for arm device capability.

  • Disable FindMbedTLS.cmake to fix issue in #108

  • Fix typos in secure channel docs

  • Make installation with cmake happier

  • pd: Fix CMD_ABORT length check

  • cp: Add support for local status query command

  • Fix sequence reversing issue during phy_reset()

  • libosdp: Fix plethora of bugs in input/output events

  • pyosdp: Drop Py_TPFLAGS_HAVE_GC flags on osdp class

  • Fix issues in

  • corrected typo in doxygen documentation

  • file: Fix bug in return value processing in build_command

  • libosdp: raw loops to memcpy and other zephyr review fixes

  • fixup! libosdp: file: Promote to be a fist-class citizen

  • pytest: Add file transfer abort test

  • unit-test: Fix test failure due to missing extern

  • unit-test: Fix a use-after-free bug in test async runner

  • fixup! pd: Handle OSDP_EVENT_MFGREP case in pd_translate_event


01 December 2022

Yet another minor release with accumulated fixes and enhancements. Notable changes since last release include,

  • pd: add method to flush event queue

  • Enable REPLY_ISTATR and REPLY_OSTATR support

  • libosdp: Added opaque argument to command_complete_callback

  • pytest: Add events tests

  • phy: Only flush channel on errors in osdp_phy_state_reset

  • phy: Don’t attempt to send a NACK for some early failures

  • libosdp: Make osdp_cmd_mfg and osdp_mfgrep identical

  • cp: Do not propagate PHY errors as-is

  • libosdp: Add a ring buffer to store the RX data

  • libosdp: Move channel read/writes into phy layer

  • unit-tests: Resurrect the old unit-tests modules

  • libosdp: Add a softname for PDs in the info struct

  • Avoid one ifdef by reorg and static inline-ing

  • libosdp: Add support for I/O status monitoring/reporting

  • Enable address sanitizer enabled builds

  • libosdp: Fix CMD_ABORT’s assigned command code

  • cp: Fix cardread and keypress event decode cases

  • unit-tests: Add a test case to validate the mark-byte skip

  • pytest: Fix is_sc_active() to return boolean

  • fixup: libosdp: Add support for I/O status monitoring/reporting

  • Fix build failure

  • Fix OSDP_QUEUE_SLAB_SIZE defintion and some typos

  • Fix a heap-buffer-overflow in __cp_setup()


15 April 2022

This minor release puts together the enhancements and fixed accumulated over the last year. No dramatic changes.

  • pytest: Remove master_key_workflow test case

  • pyosdp: cp_init switch to osdp_cp_setup2()

  • pytest: Add set/clear flags methods

  • libosdp: Add new exported method: osdp_cp_modify_flag()

  • libosdp: Add new flag OSDP_PD_FLAG_IGN_UNSOLICITED

  • pd: Add check on the length field of osdp_MFGREP

  • pytest: remove the need to install python module for tests

  • cmake: replace FindPython{Interp,Libs} with FindPython3

  • LibOSDP: Consume logger from utils so we don’t own that module

  • libosdp: Remove -Werror; seems a bit excessive :)

  • libosdp: Set an example by not using osdp_cp_setup()

  • PD: Prevent out of order CMD_SCRYPT for safety

  • libosdp: Mark osdp_cp_setup() as deprecated

  • CP: Expose new API osdp_cp_setup2() to discourage use of master_key

  • Phy: Nack secure messages received without an active SC session

  • Fix an overflow bug in osdp_phy_check_packet()

  • Add null checks on struct osdp_file pointer

  • pyosdp: Fix handling of temporary flag in LED command

  • pytest: Add LED command temporary: False test

  • pyosdp: Expose set/clear flags method in the python wrapper

  • CP fixup needed when communicating with hardware PD

  • Fixed wrong command ID while logging “REPLY_PDID” in OSDP_CP_STATE_IDREQ

  • Fix copy-paste issue in cmake/FindMbedTLS.cmake


19 September 2021

This major release brings support for new features added in IEC Edition 1.0 of the OSDP specification and other bug fixes and API changes.

  • pytest: Add test coverage in pytest

  • sc: Fix API inconsistency in compute_session_keys()

  • libosdp: Deprecate ad-hoc unit testing

  • libosdp: Document members of struct osdp and struct osdp_pd

  • pyosdp: Add support for file transfer command

  • CP: Add public method to get PD ID and capability

  • Tiny-AES: Update source files to latest version

  • libosdp: Add support for MbedTLS

  • libosdp: Cleanup error handling between phy and CP/PD

  • Deprecate Master key based key derivation

  • Add support for OSDP File Transfer

  • Advertise and decode peer_size capability


  • Add support for additional baud rates 19200 and 230400

  • libosdp: Change API to handle any number PDs in get_(sc_)status_mask

  • libosdp: Double SC timeout to be a bit more flexible

  • PD: Fix bug when phy wants wait for more data by PD discards rx_buf

  • PD: Fix packet trace logging of sent bytes

  • libosdp: USE_SCBK-D has a higher precedence in choice of SCBK

  • file_tx: Many fixes and enhancements

  • libosdp: Fix slab_free() assertion bug in release builds

  • SC: Fix SCBK clobber in osdp_compute_session_keys()

  • libosdp: Discard Secure Channel if a KEYSET is ACKed in plaintext

  • CP: Fix packet consumption from rx_buffer issue

  • cp: Allow applications to KEYSET with SCBK or master_key

  • Fix: Allow keyset with SCBK; guard master_key route with ENFORCE_SECURE

  • Ignore reply packet coming from another PD.

  • Fix the master key check in osdp_cp_setup()


17 April 2021

This release marks the end of OSPD specification v2.1.6 support. Post this release, LibOSDP would start supporting new features added in IEC Edition 1.0 specification.

  • libosdp: Introduce a lean-build system

  • tests: Add a command level unit test executor

  • libosdp: Add new command complete callback

  • libosdp: Add cmake option CONFIG_OSDP_STATIC_PD (configure –static-pd)

  • pd: Use better NAK error code when rejecting a command due to SC inactive

  • LibOSDP: Split build/send and receive/decode methods

  • Add new typedef and document osdp_log_fn_t

  • Remove implicit logging via printf()

  • Avoid allocs by switching log buf to static char[]

  • Add compile time switch to disable colours in osdp logs

  • Add Makefile target to clone utils submodules at init

  • phy: Allow non-conformant, 0 length, encrypted data blocks

  • cp: Add bounded exponential back-off for offline retries

  • cp: Add detection of a busy reply with sequence number 0

  • Mark some methods with __weak for portability

  • Clean src/osdp_cp.o even if it is not built due to –single-pd

  • Just fix the description comment for OSDP_PD_NAK_SEQ_NUM

  • Call osdp_logger_init() before setting up CP/PD for early logging

  • Fix off-by-one at vsnprintf()’s return value assertion

  • Move osdp_millis_*() into utils::utils.c

  • Move unistd.h into CONFIG_DISABLE_PRETTY_LOGGING guard

  • Enable github workflows on lean build to keep them in sync

  • Fix coverity identified off-by-one out-of-bound array access

  • Fix coverity identified logical dead-code

  • sc: Fix potential out-of-bound buffer access

  • cp: Bypass unneeded packet decoding for a busy reply

  • cp: Don’t regenerate random numbers for the challenge command

  • cp: Add the OSDP_ONLINE_RETRY_WAIT_MS timeout

  • pd: Fix device capabilities report

  • Call to osdp_dump was using incorrect length


31 January 2021

This relase brings in a lot of bug fixes and some minor enhancements.

  • doc: Add Doxygen and breathe to talk with sphinx

  • LibOSDP: Add osdp.hpp and cpp samples

  • cp: Add new flag FLAG_SC_DISABLED when master_key == NULL

  • Add support for adpative MARK bytes on packets

  • libosdp: consume only processed bytes from rx_buf

  • test: Get test log level from test context

  • Add a toplevel cmake offload makefile

  • PD: Add API osdp_pd_set_capabilities()

  • PD: Add CAP validation on received commands

  • PD: Allow only specific commands in plain text when ENFORCE_SECURE

  • Consume new hexdump API; Modify packet_trace logs

  • Move src/include/* to src/ for simplicity

  • PD: Reset SC active status bit when there is a timeout

  • pyosdp: promote set_loglevel() as osdp class static method

  • libosdp: Add support for multiple PDs connected in a single channel

  • Add compile time switch CONFIG_OSDP_SKIP_MARK_BYTE

  • Allow LibOSDP to export its build rules to other modules

  • libosdp: Optionally, find and use openssl if available

  • pyosdp: cp: change type of master_key to python bytes

  • cp: Fix master keyset functionality

  • libosdp: cleanup logs and remove some duplicate code

  • Fix python warnings – bugs

  • Disambiguate logging macro from the loglevel enum entry

  • CP: Fix some ENFORCE_SECURE holes

  • Reset seq_number before moving to ONLINE without SC

  • fix: map the public osdp_cmd_e id codes when sending commands to the OSDP API function osdp_cp_send_command()

  • fix in using correct context pointer for PD (pd_ctx instead of cp_ctx)

  • The PD address 0 is also a valid address!

  • Fix the check of the checksum of received packets.

  • Avoid receiving invalid data by flushing rx before each send.

  • do not flush rx queue when skipping commands. when skipping commands addressed to other nodes the rx queue should not be flushed. The complete command is already received and flushing the rx queue only risks removing bytes in the next command.

  • PD: Discard SC flag on MAC verification and decryption errors

  • Fix REPLY_RAW card data length bug - Related-To: #31

  • Fix constant time compare in osdp_ct_compare()

  • pyosdp: fix untested PD capabilities code flow

  • Fix CONFIG_OSDP_PACKET_TRACE that was flooding logs with osdp_POLL

  • cp: Fix unexpected reply condition missing break

  • Fix osdp_event_cardread length bits/bytes mixup


16 September 2020

With this release, LibOSDP now has python bindings. It is possible to setup a device as a Control Panel or Peripheral Device through python. Also, PD now supports alternate replies in the form of OSDP events.

  • libosdp: Add flag ENFORCE_SECURE to make secure assumptions

  • libosdp: Resolve PD address / offset inconsistencies

  • libosdp: Remove CONFIG_OSDP_SC_ENABLED macro switch

  • libosdp: deprecate osdp_cp_send_cmd_*() methods in favour of osdp_cp_send_command()

  • libosdp: add PD app command callback support

  • Make OSDP_FLAG_INSTALL_MODE a setup time flag

  • Add support for manufacturer specific commands

  • Add support for osdp_FMT, osdp_RAW, osdp_KEYPAD and handle their osdp_events

  • Move command alloc/queue API into CP region

  • Add checks that a pd is online before queueing commands.

  • osdpctl: consume utils/channel.c and remove native impl

  • libosdp: Add support for callback data in notifiers

  • Fix srand issue in tests, pyosdp, and osdpctl

  • PD: Fix bug PD_FLAG_SC_ACTIVE not removed when PD goes offline

  • PD: always check the timeout on receiving packets

  • libosdp: Deprecate command queues for PD mode

  • Add osdp_events and make changes globally

  • Fix multiple checkpactch issues found in zephyr upstream

  • Move PD offset validation above context dereference

  • Move COMSET out of CONFIG_OSDP_SC_ENABLED macro guard

  • libosdp: fix COMSET command regression

  • Refactor some command struct members for consistency

  • Fix python memory leak and python keyset error check.

  • libosdp: Fix bug in PD_MASK() macro

  • libosdp: fix missing cmd_dequeue return check

  • Rebuild utils with -fPIC to fix gcc/linux build issues

  • doc: Add protocol/faq update

  • Consume slab allocation from utils and remove native implementation

  • Return aligned memory from slab allocator.

  • Fix doc links in

  • Fix multiple broken links in doc/ after sphinx move

  • Update AES to to latest kokke/tiny-AES-c


15 August 2020

This release marks the first HEAD of initial PD support in Zephyr RTOS upstream ( Lot of changes to coding style were made to upstream the PD sources without too much variation to the one here.

  • Add support for sphinx documentation builds see:

  • Add a macro switch to disable Secure Channel

  • Add utils git-submodule and delete all copied ad-hoc utils from this repo

  • Add pkg-config file for libosdp

  • PD: When seq number 0 is received, invalidate SC status

  • Add github actions workflows for tests and release

  • Rewrite PD and CP fsm for zephyr integration

  • osdpctl: rewrite rs232.c into utils/serial.c

  • osdpctl: remove pid file in osdpctl stop. Also check return code of kill

  • Produce source and binary tarballs with cPack

  • Bring changes from zephyr PD, post review and apply it to CP as well

  • Control the externally exposed library symbols using EXPORT macro

  • Make all internal methods static; scope all globals with osdp_

  • Add colors for various log levels of libosdp

  • Refactor all reference to struct osdp_pd as ‘pd’ everywhere

  • Fix static analysis issues identified by Xcode

  • travis: switch to Ubuntu 18.04 bionic for testing

  • osdpctl: Fix bug in hex2int()

  • osdpctl: Fix bug in load_scbk(); test key_store feature

  • osdpctl make config as the first argument for all commands

  • Fix sequence number 0 sent by CP does not reset connection in PD

  • osdpctl: Make PD message queue channel owner, responsible for cleanup

  • osdpctl: Fix segfault on channel cleanup code


28 June 2020

This release bumps up the minor number as the contract has changed. It introduces 2 major changes (first 2 in enhancements). The rest is all re-organization and fixes.

  • In PD Change app notification of incoming commands to polling to simplify API

  • Replace circular buffer command queue with linked list queue

  • Add SC status and status query methods

  • Add assert guards for exposed methods

  • Cleanup osdp.h by splitting it into multiple files

  • Split cmake rules into subdirectories

  • Add PD address to REPLY_COM in pd_build_reply

  • Fix fd leak in read_pid

  • Fix missing null char at atohstr()

  • Fix memory under-alloc due to operator precedence issues


29 May 2020

This is the first release of libosdp. It has been in pre-release for a long time now and has been tested sufficiently well for a first release. Rate of bug fixes has gone down significantly.

As of this release, libosdp has the following high level feature:
  • Supports OSDP CP mode of operation

  • Supports OSDP PD mode of operation

  • Supports Secure Channel for communication

  • Ships a tool: osdpctl to consume and library and setup/manage osdp devices

  • Documents key areas in the protocol that are of interest for consumers of this library.

So far, this library’s CP implementation has been tested with multiple OSDP PDs including HID’s devices and found to be working as expected. The PD implementation has been tested with it’s own CP counterpart so this some level of confidence on the that too.

v0.4 Beta - 3

17 Jan 2020

Fix multiple bugs found in LibOSDP:
  • fix unhandled reply-code bug

  • fix issue where reader goes permanent reader offline

  • retry SC after OSDP_PD_SC_RETRY_SEC when possible

  • fix USE_SCBKD inversion bug

  • fix bug in MAC add/check for SCS_15

Note: This tag has CP mode verified with HID RK40 readers. This can act as reference point for all PD change validation hereafter.

v0.3 Beta - 2

15 Dec 2019

New Features:
  • Added new tool osdpctl to create, manage and control osdp devices

  • Add PD context to CP logs for clarity

Enhancements and bug fixes:
  • Fix PD stale pointer issue in osdp_setup

  • Fix MAC generation bug in Secure Channel

  • Fix Data offset bug in Secure Channel

  • Fix issues reported by -Wimplicit-fallthrough

  • Fix memleak in PD command queue alloc

  • Fix wrap around bug in cmd_queue

  • Fix many clang static code analysis issues

v0.2 Beta - 1

29 Nov 2019

Features and Issue Fixes:
  • Master key management in CP and PD

  • Many small issue fixes

Known limitations:
  • install mode stuffs need to be ironed out comset command needs to be

  • handled correctly

v0.1 Alpha

15 Nov 2019

libosdp has reached a point where all the primary featured are in place.

Known limitations:
  • Master key management is missing

  • Install mode stuffs need to be ironed out

  • comset command needs to be handled correctly